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Buccaneer Caravans are among some of the most sought-after leisure vehicles in the UK and offer luxury, comfort and convenience for its occupants. The company was founded in late 1968 by DW Shipley, who joined up with NC Harrison to collaborate on innovative and fully equipped caravans. Read More

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In 1970, the Buccaneer owners club was formed to bring together everyone who owned a Buccaneer caravan to share their experiences. Buccaneer has since remained one of the most renowned caravan manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

The brand is known for its class-leading design and state of the art features that are second to none, including StrongLite Aluminium one-piece sides, Sky-Scape panoramic sunroof and solar panels. Buccaneer produces caravan ranges that incorporate up to date technology and innovation to ensure maximum efficiency. Newer models also have the advantage of integrated self-levelling for ease of use. As the embodiment of the future of grand tourers, Buccaneer ensures customer satisfaction by incorporating elegant interiors, durable and robust chassis, underfloor heating and LED lighting concepts to produce a luxury product built for comfort.

The company also makes sure that its customers enjoy world-class entertainment systems, fully furnished kitchens, ample security and modern style. Their caravan ranges offer the best experience for caravan enthusiasts who want all the comforts of home whenever they are on the road. The caravan ranges come with different layouts and styles to take care of everyone's needs while maintaining quality and elegance. If you want an incredible caravan with satisfactory performance, then the Buccaneer Caravan range should be your number one option.