So Much More than Caravans

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Please stop by our expansive shop at Ropers Leisure in Catterick! We sell an unrivalled range of caravanning accessories, including awnings, flooring mats, camping chairs, gas bottles, chemical toilet equipment, pots and pans, bits and bobs and so much more besides. Whether you're a seasoned caravanner or a novice looking to start your journey into the world of caravanning on the right foot, we have everything you need to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the first things you'll notice is the size of the shop floor. It's massive, with plenty of space to browse through the range of products we offer. We've got a dedicated section for each category of product - much like a supermarket - making it a piece of cake to find what you're looking for. We also have a large car park, which can comfortably accommodate your caravan if you happening to be towing it when you stop by.

Our friendly team and are always happy to help to answer any questions you may have- whether it's advice on which awning to choose or how to maintain your chemical toilet. With decades of experience in the caravan industry and can offer valuable insights into the products we sell - as well as being able to compete with anyone on price.

We're located just off the A1 at Catterick, making us easily accessible for anyone travelling to or from pretty much anyone in the North East of England (although you'd be surprised how far people travel to see our wares!). Our location also makes us an ideal pit stop for anyone travelling long distances with a caravan. You can stock up on all the accessories you need before hitting the road again, or grab a bite to eat and a hot drink in our popular on-site café.

Caravan Awnings

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When it comes to the products we offer, we have something for everyone. If you're looking for an awning for your caravan, you'll be spoilt for choice. We have a wide range of awnings in different sizes, colours and styles so whether you want a lightweight porch awning or a full caravan awning with annex, we have it all.

Flooring Mats

Flooring mats are another essential accessory for any caravan. They help to keep your caravan clean and tidy, and also provide insulation and comfort underfoot - not to mention they're a great place to put your muddy boots after a day's hiking (or time in the beer garden). We have a wide range of flooring mats in different sizes and materials, including foam, PVC, and grass effect.

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are another must-have accessory for any caravanner for when you want to stretch out and enjoy the open air. We have a wide range of camping chairs to suit all budgets and requirements whether you want a basic folding chair or a luxurious reclining chair with footrest and headrest, we have it all.

...and Everything Else!

Gas bottles and chemical toilet equipment are also available at our shop. Gas bottles are essential for powering your caravan appliances, such as your fridge, cooker and heater. We stock a range of gas bottles in different sizes to suit your needs. Chemical toilet equipment is another essential accessory for any caravan. We have a wide range of toilet chemicals, toilet paper, and other accessories to help you maintain your chemical toilet.