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Business Update – May 2020

We are pleased to announce that Ropers Leisure will be opening safely from the 1st June 2020. Our dedicated team will be available for sales enquiries, as well as servicing and repair work. Our re-opening has been carefully thought out and planned with both the customers and our team’s safety being the main priority.

Health and safety is absolutely paramount for our staff and customers. In order to continue to limit the spread of the Coronavirus whilst ensuring business continuity, we have decided to implement some stringent changes to the way we interact with customers and colleagues until the risk is alleviated.

Ever since closing our doors on the 23rd March, we have made numerous alterations to our premises to ensure our branch is a safe place for you to visit, and if you’re unable to visit, we are able to offer you the same level of expertise, knowledge and customer service from the comfort of your own home using video calling in your own personal consultation.

Please read through the new procedures below, which we have put in place to protect staff and customers.

Upon arrival to the site

We have installed prominent floor markings to enable compliance with the social distancing rules and to ensure customers can always retain their personal space. A hand sanitising station has been installed in the main entrance and another at the entrance to the sales park and we urge all customers to ensure they use it upon entering the premises & before entering any caravans or motorhomes.


• We will be asking that a 2-metre gap be observed at all times between colleagues, and between colleagues and customers.
• All caravans and motorhomes will be locked if you wish to enter a caravan or motorhome please contact one of our sales staff to ensure after each viewing the said caravan can be fully sanitised.
• The sales desks all have protective screens for both your and our safety and will be fully cleaned and sanitised after each appointment.
• If you have seen a caravan or motorhome you would like to view, please book an appointment to limit the number of people on the site at any one time.
• If you would rather not enter the buildings, we are happy to arrange a ‘’contactless’’ visit for you. We also offer services such as video calling.
Sales handovers
• All caravans and motorhomes will be fully sanitised before collection.
• All customers will be contacted by phone prior to the scheduled handover to discuss our changes in the handover procedures.
• The preferred option for collection would be via instructional videos.
• Alternatively, customers will be given the option to collect without a handover and return later for a full working demonstration.
• We encourage the use of bank transfer or payment over the phone to keep physical contact to a minimum.
Accessory shop
• We would kindly ask that all customers wishing to browse our accessory shop use the hand sanitising station prior to entering the premises and respect other customers and staff by adhering to social distancing guidelines. To help with this we have clear floor markings and screens fitted in the till area.
• We will be happy to take payment over the phone and send items via our preferred carriers. We are also happy to arrange car park collections if you prefer.

Servicing and warranty

• All customers will be phoned in advance of their scheduled appointment to confirm attendance and to discuss the scheduled jobs.
• At this point we will confirm that the customer is not showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and that they have not been in contact with anyone showing symptoms and have not recently returned from a restricted area.
• We will outline our current health and safety processes in this phone call.
• After the phone call an email will be sent to confirm all jobs that are to be carried out, along with our new working procedures.
• A clear and prominent tape line has been placed at the front of all desks to ensure social distancing is adhered to. Please respect this upon arrival.
• Upon delivery, please unlock your caravan and leave the caravan keys inside the door.
• A member of the team will come and unhook your caravan and take the caravan from you. We ask that you respect the social distancing guidelines set out by the government at this time.
• If you would rather not enter the buildings, we are happy to arrange a ‘’contactless’’ visit with us.
Servicing and warranty collection
• Once all the agreed work has been done, a member of the team will contact you to confirm completion and take full payment if required. Both your keys and any relevant paperwork will be left in an envelope inside the door.
• We ask that all customers please arrive as close to their appointment time as possible. This will help us limit the number of customers on the premises at any time.
• On arrival and respecting social distancing, please inform a member of the team of your arrival and we will then arrange for the caravan to be hooked to your car for collection.

We appreciate your cooperation at this challenging time. We will continue to monitor the changing situation and amend our new policies and procedures accordingly as and when needed. Please feel free to call us on 01748818666 if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further. We hope to see you soon!

Beginners guide to towing

Towing a caravan for the first time may seem a scary prospect, but it needn’t be. Here are some handy hints…

When you’re towing, you’ll need to give yourself more time and space for everything. It’s best to brake earlier than normal and you’ll probably accelerate more slowly with a caravan on the back. The extra length means you will need to take corners more widely than normal so the back of the caravan doesn’t clip the kerb or cut the corner.

Remember, the legal speed limits are often lower when you’re towing. Don’t exceed 50mph on single carriageways or 60mph on dual carriageways. You may not tow in the further right (outside) lane of a three-or-more lane motorway unless instructed to do so and it is a legal requirement to always have a good view to the rear of your unit, which will mean using extensions mirrors in the vast majority of combinations (don’t forget to take them off when you’re not towing!).

Never carry passengers in the caravan when you’re towing it. It’s theoretically legal to transport animals inside a caravan, but it’s definitely not recommended.

Your number plate must show your car’s registration number, conform to the relevant British Standard, and be illuminated at night. This means no felt-pen on cardboard!

Remember to check before driving off and keep an eye out for anything that changes during your journey. Your car must show that the indicators are working while you are driving.

Park carefully where you won’t cause an obstruction. Caravans must not be parked in parking meter bays.

Your ability to legally tow will depend on the driving licence you hold. It’s paramount you’re fully covered by your driving licence for towing your caravan, as it’s against the law and your caravan insurance can be invalidated if you are not.

If you obtained your licence on or after 1 January 1997, you will be able to tow a car/caravan combination weighing 3,500kg or less – that’s the total gross mass of car and caravan or trailer combined (as identified on the vehicle weight plates). To be able to tow a heavier caravan, you’ll need to pass an additional driving test.

The Camping and Caravanning Club has information and a list of course providers covering courses and training to help you reach the required standard. Local training organisations can also be found through the DVLA.

If the thought of towing is preventing you from buying a caravan, then talk to us. There are places where you can have a go before you buy a unit, and at Ropers Caravan World we can help point you in the right direction for the help and advice you need. Give us a call today!

Buying the perfect pre-owned caravan…

So, you’d like to buy your first caravan. You’ve decided to buy a pre-owned one and now you’re looking for a checklist to help you through the process. Well, here it is, our 5-step guide to buying a used caravan.

First to consider are the reasons why buying a pre-owned caravan is such a good idea. Unlike a used car, a used caravan usually only covers a few hundred miles each year and some owners treat them like pampered pets, so with over 500,000 touring caravans in the UK there’s choice and value to be had from buying a pre-owned caravan.

With so many pre-owned caravans available you can narrow your search by identifying which caravans your car can safely tow. In short, your vehicle should weigh more than your caravan. Your car has what’s known as a ‘kerb weight’. Once you know the car’s kerb weight and the max tow limit, you then need to know the weight of the caravan you intend to purchase. You can usually find a caravan’s weight in the handbook, on the manufacturer’s website, or on a plate (usually positioned near the caravan’s door). However, our team can guide you through this.

The third stage to consider is the layout of your caravan. Knowing how many people will sleep in your caravan determines how many beds (berths) you need. Plus, if you plan to stay on one campsite and return there for all your holidays, you won’t need a caravan that’s designed for moving from site to site. Also, if you are keen on outdoor sports, you will probably need a different layout to someone who wants a less active holiday. Again, our team are on-hand to help advise in this area too.

The fourth factor is affordability. In your mind, you’ll probably have a vision of your perfect caravan. Whether you are buying with cash or on finance, you need to set a budget you are happy with and then explore what’s available in that range. Once all that is sorted, you’ll need to know where to buy your used caravan and when is the best time to buy it. Well, it won’t surprise you that we’d suggest right here and right now at Ropers Caravan World. We have over 125 caravans and motorhomes in stock to choose from including 50 used Bailey caravans, as well as a selection of Swift, Elddis, Lunar, Coachman, Compass, Hobby, and Sterling caravans, plus a selection of quality used motorhomes. On that basis, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect caravan and with our early bird sale on right now, there’s never been a better time to buy with huge savings available and our 1-2-3 offer where you can choose from:

  1. A free Powrtouch Freedom motor mover (single axle models only) OR
  2. A free Truma 100watt solar panel OR
  3. A further reduction of £500 off the ticket price

Be prepared to act fast though as these offers and great caravans won’t hang around forever!

With the Powrtouch Caravan Mover… you’ll be amazed where your caravan will fit! Available in single, twin axle and all-wheel drive with manual or automatic roller engagement, the Powrtouch range is designed to make moving your caravan a breeze as it allows you to move it to precisely where you want it to be. Lightweight and contemporary in design, you’ll have the ability to change direction without stopping and to engage/disengage both rollers from one side. Designed and built in the UK for over 25 years, these are an absolute must for all caravaners.

Truma Solar Panels – Your independent, intelligent power supply, supplying power to your caravan or motorhome wherever you are! These kits generate power even when it’s cloudy and are lightweight and durable. So, if you want even more comfort on the move, choose this.

Christmas at Ropers

Christmas is coming and it’s the time of year when we all struggle a little with what to buy our family and friends. With that in mind, we thought we’d do a little feature designed to help make your Christmas shop a little easier when shopping for the caravanner in your life. Here are our top 5 suggestions for this festive season:

2020 Armcher Motorhome & Caravan Calendar – £9.49 each

Full of antics to enjoy every day! Well worth a read, a real conversational point.

Christmas Mug Set – £12.99

Perfect with a partner – this Christmas mug set will grace any table, especially one that’s exploring over the Christmas period.

Floe Truma Ultra Flow Kit – £48.99

Maybe not the non-caravanner’s first thought, but this is one of our best sellers. The Floe system makes it easy to drain the motorhome or caravan’s water system, flushing pressurised air down the pipes, through the tank, and any pumps or mixer taps. It helps to prevent stagnant water, frozen pipes, bacteria growth, and keeps the system clean and fresh without hours of work. An essential for any caravanner.

Bamboo Bread Bin (Green Clover or Linear with Black Stripe) – £14.99

Made from Bamboo fibre, dishwasher safe with a wooden top that doubles as a bread board to save space, this is an important consideration when caravanning.

Lightweight – 13cm deep x 36cm long x 20cm wide.

Kampa Diddy Heater – £19.59

For extra heat as, when, and where it’s needed. Ideal for caravanning, camping, conservatories, garages, sheds, workshops, porches, and around the home.


With a bulging stocking, you are now well and truly ready for the festive season ahead, and so is the caravaner in your life. Just two things left to say really…

Firstly, if the caravanner in your life decides to buy a new or pre-owned caravan in the new year, please point them in our direction. We promise we’ll look after them. Secondly, Merry Christmas from Ropers!

100 Years of the Caravan

1919 saw the first car-towed caravan enter commercial production here in the UK. The date marks the rise of caravanning for leisure and the start of the growth of the camping and caravanning industry.

It all began shortly before the start of the internal combustion engine era when a Scottish medic, Dr William Stables commissioned his ‘Wanderer’ caravan, which was hauled by two horses.

Following the horrors of the First World War, and with the growth in the number of personal motor cars, Britons were looking for new ways to spend their leisure time. Bill Eccles Snr of Eccles Motor Transport Ltd spotted a potential new and lucrative market, and created the world’s first prototype of a caravan, specifically designed to be towed behind a car.

In 1919, he sold the first prototype to the Dowager Countess Rhonda and soon had 50 more orders on his books. During the 1920s, he continued finessing his designs with th company becoming a world leader. The caravan was shown at the 1922 Motor Show in White City, which increased demand even further.

Today it is estimated that around one million Britons own a caravan or motorhome, and that the industry is worth about £6 billion to the economy each year. According to the National Caravan Club, 130,000 people are employed in the industry and Britons spend approximately £2 billion and stay 50 million nights in caravans each year. That’s an awful lot of nights! We found this history in pictures, which you may like to take a look at.

Welcome to a new look for Ropers Caravan World

In a lot of ways, Ropers Caravan World is the same today as it’s always been – delivering the same family values, exceptional personal service and value for money – and that’s not about to change. Our aim remains to share our vast caravanning experience and to serve the needs of our customers in a way that is hard for our competitors to match, with a personal service second to none. We take great pride in maintaining and improving every aspect of the shopping experience so, as we approach our 40th birthday, you may begin to notice some changes to the way we look and communicate to our customer base.

You know we supply touring caravans and motorhomes together with just about every accessory or part you could want or need, making us your one stop shop for all your caravanning needs. However, there are still some people our there (believe it or not) that don’t take advantage of the experience of our team, our products/deals, or our exceptional parts department. Going forward, we will be focusing on communicating our key messages to:

  • All caravaners, especially those thinking about buying their first caravan
  • Our competitors’ customers so they, too, can benefit from the extended warranties we offer with many of our carefully prepared pre-owned caravans
  • People who prefer a thorough demonstration of their new caravan’s workings via our personalised handover, etc.

Ropers Caravan World – A world of caravans, a world of choice, a world of service, and a world of adventures. Visit us again soon!

Motorhome & Caravan Show 2019

We were in Birmingham last week at the NEC for what was billed to be the biggest launch event of the year! The Motorhome and Caravan Show had, as always, hundreds of leisure vehicles on display, so attendees could explore the latest layouts and discover new innovations from the world of caravans and motorhomes.

It’s always great to see all the leading UK and European manufacturers and dealers under one roof and this year was no exception. There were also lots of really useful demonstrations taking place too, like chefs on stage cooking up campsite friendly meals, designed to be quick and easy to recreate on your next trip away. Plus, tow car partner Jeep offering free one-to-one towing sessions, under the guidance of trained instructors, where visitors could get behind the wheel of a car to see what it’s like to tow a caravan. These sessions were great and ensured everyone, whether they were newcomers or towed often, left the session ready to thoroughly enjoy their next adventure!

From our perspective, here at Ropers it was a great week with lots of interest in the new ranges and plenty of customers and suppliers to talk to. If you came along and said hello, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. To everyone who didn’t manage to attend, if you’d like further information on anything show related, you know where we are.

Either way, we look forward to welcoming you to Ropers Caravan World in Catterick very soon where you’ll find the very latest in new and used caravans and motorhomes, a friendly cafe, a full range of accessories, parts department, and an acclaimed Approved Workshop. See you soon!

Bailey Jive 2017 Edition

2017 Brings the 2nd Generation of our Exclusive Bailey Jive range. With a brand new exterior and graphics, the NEW Bailey Jive sees a fresh interior and a whole host of new features.

The brochure below gives you a full run down on this fresh to market model.

Available for viewing now at our Catterick Branch and launching at the Scottish Caravan Show from the 2nd February.

Download the Jive 2017 Brochure



To register your interest please email

Venue: Ropers Caravan World. Catterick Bridge. North Yorkshire. DL10 7SL.

Date: Thursday 1st to Monday 5th October.


Friday 2nd –Monday 5th 12-4pm

Join us for fun and special offers at our Oktoberfest event where we are showcasing the stunning new Bailey Pegasus, the exclusive Bailey Jive and the Bailey Advance Motorhome ranges.