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Our range of ex-display and nearly new touring caravans has to be seen to be believed. But be aware: when they’re gone, they’re gone. Each of the caravans below has only ever seen use as a display vehicle in our shop. That means no weather wear, no road wear, and no grime from use. Kept meticulously clean on our shop floor, and only replaced when new ranges come into stock, these caravans are practically brand new – but as they’ve been on display we have to drop their price by thousands. So if you think a new caravan is only slightly out of your reach, this could be your chance to step up that level and save a pounds into the bargain. Each of these caravans is of course a one off – and when they’ve been sold might not be replaced for months, so we highly recommend booking a viewing or making a recommendation today. Read More

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If you're in the market for a caravan, you might want to consider buying an ex-display caravan from us here at Ropers. Our ex-display caravans are in nearly new condition and have been used solely for display purposes, meaning there is little to no wear and tear on the caravan.

The best part about buying an ex-display caravan is that you can enjoy the latest features and technology that are available in the caravan industry. We make sure our display caravans feature high-quality appliances, modern décor, and advanced security systems, so you can enjoy a caravan that feels like brand new.

Another benefit of buying an ex-display caravan from us is that you'll often be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty can provide you with peace of mind in case anything goes wrong and cover things like manufacturing defects and faults.

Plus, our ex-display caravans are sold at a lower price than a brand new caravan. This is because the caravan has already been used for display purposes, and we want to move it quickly to make space for new stock. You can enjoy all the benefits of a brand new caravan without the price tag.

Finally, buying an ex-display caravan from us means you'll experience less depreciation. The caravan has already experienced some depreciation, which means that the value of the caravan has decreased. This can work to your advantage since you will not experience the same level of depreciation that you would with a brand new caravan.

Overall, if you're looking for a nearly new caravan with the latest features and a reduced price, consider buying an ex-display caravan from us. We'll make sure you get a caravan that is in great condition and covered by a warranty so you can hit the road with confidence.