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The Bailey Unicorn Caravan range has seven models, all with different layouts and a capacity of up to four people sleeping. Models include the Merida, Valencia, Vigo, Cadiz, Cabrera, Cartagena and Pamplona. The models have different layouts and features depending on whether it is a twin or single axle model and are suitable for small to medium-sized tow vehicles. Read More

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The Unicorn V range from Bailey Caravans features a larger front panoramic window and has returned to a much lighter and airier feel throughout. Lighter woodwork and light colour worktops combine brilliantly with modern and neutral upholstery to give the 5th generation of this best seller a warm and homely feel.

Not cutting back on specification the Unicorn still features Alde heating, Solar Panel, Alarm, Alko features including ATC and Wheel locks, Alarm with Tracker and much, much more.

The strongest choice of layouts in any of the model ranges. Starting with the baby of the group, the Unicorn Seville which returns as a 2 berth end washroom and spacious layout.

On the single axle models you have the option of 2 end washroom layouts, the Cadiz with fixed beds or the Vigo with a transverse island double bed. The final, and very popular option is the Cabrera with an end bedroom with forward facing island bed and central washroom.

With a twin axle you have 2 great layouts, Pamplona which is a twin axle end bedroom and central washroom model or the Cartagena with an end washroom and transverse island bed. Both of these have large front lounges with bench seats in excess of 6”.

Bailey have produced many other layouts in the Unicorn range over the years and we always have a fab selection of these available nearly new.