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Ropers Caravan World Our New Website

As many of you may have noticed, over the festive period our website underwent a little change. Well in all honesty a major change. We decided a few months ago that we needed to give our website a bit of a refresh, a new look, a facelift!

We hope you agree with us, that it looks amazing and that you are finding it easy to use!

Our old website had been around for a good few years so we felt it was time to upgrade. That task was set to Bronco, another local company who we have been working with, for the last few months getting the design, look and feel right. Not just for us but for you our customers as well.

The vision for our new website:

  • Most importantly the new website had to be easy to use.
  • We also wanted to fix styling issues we had with the current responsive design.
  • We wanted to move away from the off the shelf look site, to a bespoke design.

As always our main focus is our caravans, we wanted to make sure that out of all the changes and alterations that you could still access the vast selection of caravans, motorhomes and accessories easily and find what you’re looking for.

To make the website easy to use we needed to look at our filters, they had to be easy to use and make searching simple, to cover our vast and varied stock. The caravan pages had to be styled right, we wanted additional details to be included as well as larger images, to allow customers to be able effectively view our caravans.

We had, had issues in the past with the previous responsive design so when it came to the new website this was one the main areas of improvement. If you’re searching from tablet or mobile devices you will now find the experience much more accurate, searching effective and the overall look much improved.

Obviously we have many customers who come back time after time for all their caravanning needs so we also wanted to make sure we still had familiarity with the Ropers Caravan World website. You will find some things are still the same; we still offer the great prices we have always had from big name brands. You will still find our fantastic extended warranties, along with our helpful service. And we are still a family business!

In the modern age social media has a huge impact on businesses, so we have also added easy to use social interaction. It’s a great way to keep up with all the company news and our fantastic offers. So if you like our new look, then please share it amongst your family and friends and let us know in the comments below what you think!