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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Used Caravans

We will cover all bases of choosing a caravan, taking a look at used caravans, best budget options and what perfectly suits you and your needs. Buying a caravan is a decision that you must take careful consideration. We understand that this is going to be a long-lasting purchase and selecting the right caravan is crucial.

It’s just like the same process when you buy a new car, you will always carry out your own research and find what’s best for you and budget options. Most people when buying any type of new vehicle consider it to be a long term purchase that will be with them for many years to come.

With caravans, this is something you wouldn’t typically get rid of after a year or two either. Replacing a caravan can be done but not really recommended if there’s no sign of problems or wear and tear.

Especially if the caravan doesn’t get frequently used throughout the year. Remember, your caravan will only be used every so often throughout the year for holidays and vehicle problems will occur far less often than your typical car.

Holidays away, either with the family or just spending time away with your partner, should be memorable and enjoyable. So we’ll go through and take a look at your options, your budget, and the size of the caravan you’re looking for.

Used Caravans Ropers


How Do I Choose My First Caravan?

It can be quite easy to jump the gun and want to buy the first caravan you see if it fits the price range you’re looking for. But you need to factor in the specifications, layouts and interior which can be crucial for getting the perfect setup for you and your family.

Do your research first, look at multiple caravans, get plenty of options and most importantly, see them in person. Don’t bid on an online caravan auction without seeing a caravan in person.

In the range of caravans that are available here at Roper’s, the average selection of berths to choose from is between 2 and 6. Which we’ll explain and go through the best type of used caravans to buy.

What is the best second-hand caravan to buy?

Depending on your options, the Bailey Pegasus is a popular choice amongst our customers. Ranging from 4 Berths up to 6 berths. These caravans cater to averaged sized families, also perfect for couples with guests or a bunch of friends travelling together.

The Swift Challenger is another option to showcase its features and specifications. Consisting of a spacious and ideal setup for holidays away.

It’s important to note, looking to buy a used caravan, to ensure you carry out your own checks of the vehicle. Visit the caravan in person and look out for any signs of scratches or notable dents. Take a look into the service history and number of owners.

Also, inspect the interior and take it for a test drive. We have many available used caravans at Ropers. If you need any further advice you can contact our team.

layout of a 2 berth caravan
The layout image is taken from a New Bailey Phoenix 420
New Bailey Phoenix 420 used caravan
Our New Bailey Phoenix 420 caravan – 2 berth, 1 axle.
New Bailey Phoenix 420 used caravan - 2 berth
Our New Bailey Phoenix 420 caravan – 2 berth, 1 axle. 1146kg.
layout of a 3 berth caravan
The layout image is taken from a 2018 Coachman VIP 520/3
2018 Coachman VIP 520 used caravan
Our 2018 Coachman VIP 520/3 – 3 berths, 1 axle. 1389kg.
2018 Coachman VIP 520 - 3 berths used caravan
Our 2018 Coachman VIP 520/3 – 3 berths, 1 axle. 1389kg.
Layout of 4 Berth Caravan
The layout image is taken from a Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna
Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna
Our Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna – 4 berths, 2 axles. 1481kg.
Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna - 4 berths
Our Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna – 4 berths, 2 axles. 1481kg.
layout of 5 Berth caravan
The layout image is taken from a 2013 Coachman Highlander 580/5
2013 Coachman Highlander 580
Our 2013 Coachman Highlander 580/5 – 5 berths, 1 axles. 1409kg.
2013 Coachman Highlander 580 - 5 berts
Our 2013 Coachman Highlander 580/5 – 5 berths, 1 axles. 1409kg.

You can rest assured that the 6 berth caravan will certainly cater to all in the family for size and comfort. The 6 berth caravans in our range are nice and big, all complete with fixed bunk beds and have space for a nice warm shower.

With 6 berth caravans coming in both single and twin-axle options, there’s not many limitations to the layouts available.

The difference between a single axle and a twin axle caravan is that the twin axle caravans are slightly larger and offer more stability when towing (however these are more difficult to manoeuvre when pitching). That said, the larger floor allows for additional space within the caravan.

layout of a 6 berth caravan
The layout image is taken from a 2014 Swift Challenger 590 SE
2014 Swift Challenger 590 SE
Our 2014 Swift Challenger 590 SE – 5 berths, 1 axles. 1409kg.
2014 Swift Challenger 590 SE - 5 berths
Our 2014 Swift Challenger 590 SE – 5 berths, 1 axles. 1409kg.
How Much Does a Used Caravan Cost?

Our used caravans section here at Roper’s starts from £3,995 and can range up to £30,995 in our most prestigious range.

The most popular price point is for a 4 berth caravan which ranges from £6,495 – £22,995. This is most perfectly suited for averaged sized families and the perfect size for couples with guests.

We have caravan models dating from pre-2000 and up to 2021. With axle options of both single and twin. Our berths range from 2 up to 6. We also have 9 well-known caravan brands to choose from.

Are Caravans a Good Investment?

Whilst caravans harbour an upfront cost, they are an excellent investment. They cost far cheaper for one night’s sleep when compared to staying in a hotel, with average caravan parks charging between £15 and £25 per night compared to Hotels costing between £50-£200, on average, per night. This means (taking the higher of the average), that the average caravan would pay itself off after 40 nights.

Caravans are a great investment because you can plan a trip last minute and you’ve already got your accommodation at the ready.

Having a caravan allows you to move around easily on the road and have that sense of freedom. You will get to travel more openly and visit more attractions.

What is the Most Reliable Caravan?

A popular choice here at Roper’s, comes the Bailey brand caravan. Being recognised as one of Britain’s biggest caravan manufacturers, Bailey is the UK’s most popular name out there and a recognised people’s choice.

Known for being a long lasting and reliable caravan, our Bailey range contains an impressive specification throughout. Including central heating, solar panel, gas BBQ point, external sockets, alloy wheels, alarm, full oven, grill and hobs. Also many more specifications such as ATC trailer control and motor mover.

We have a wide range of Bailey caravans in our used and new range. Various options are available starting at 2 berths up to 6 berths, single and twin axles and more.

What is the Lifespan of a Caravan?

It’s not uncommon for people to have caravans lasting for over 20 years. You can even find that some caravans, if well looked after, can go up to 30 years or more.

You are legally required to keep your caravan in good condition since it is a road vehicle. So by having the vehicle serviced, you’ll keep on top of your caravans brakes, lights, wheels, general maintenance and many other important vehicle factors.

This will help towards your caravans overall state and lifespan for the future.

Is now a good time to buy a caravan?

The popular interest in caravans booms each year. In fact, Google searches rise for “caravan” and “camping” which peaks around July every year. Caravans are a perfect option for families to get away in the UK.

During the pandemic stages last year, where holidays abroad were put on hold, the interest rate for caravans was 56% higher in July 2020 than it was in July 2019. Also, the interest rate was at an all-time high over the last five years.

We believe right now is a perfect time to buy a caravan. With the ease of taking the family out and exploring different parts of the UK, having your own caravan is a versatile and great addition to consider for your household.

With uncertainty regarding travelling abroad at the moment, the timing could not be better to consider a caravan for planning holidays in the future.

This completes our first-time buyers guide and what to look out for. We hope you found this guide helpful. If there’s any further information you require or any general help with selecting your caravan, we’re here to help you.

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