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Buying the perfect pre-owned caravan…

So, you’d like to buy your first caravan. You’ve decided to buy a pre-owned one and now you’re looking for a checklist to help you through the process. Well, here it is, our 5-step guide to buying a used caravan.

First to consider are the reasons why buying a pre-owned caravan is such a good idea. Unlike a used car, a used caravan usually only covers a few hundred miles each year and some owners treat them like pampered pets, so with over 500,000 touring caravans in the UK there’s choice and value to be had from buying a pre-owned caravan.

With so many pre-owned caravans available you can narrow your search by identifying which caravans your car can safely tow. In short, your vehicle should weigh more than your caravan. Your car has what’s known as a ‘kerb weight’. Once you know the car’s kerb weight and the max tow limit, you then need to know the weight of the caravan you intend to purchase. You can usually find a caravan’s weight in the handbook, on the manufacturer’s website, or on a plate (usually positioned near the caravan’s door). However, our team can guide you through this.

The third stage to consider is the layout of your caravan. Knowing how many people will sleep in your caravan determines how many beds (berths) you need. Plus, if you plan to stay on one campsite and return there for all your holidays, you won’t need a caravan that’s designed for moving from site to site. Also, if you are keen on outdoor sports, you will probably need a different layout to someone who wants a less active holiday. Again, our team are on-hand to help advise in this area too.

The fourth factor is affordability. In your mind, you’ll probably have a vision of your perfect caravan. Whether you are buying with cash or on finance, you need to set a budget you are happy with and then explore what’s available in that range. Once all that is sorted, you’ll need to know where to buy your used caravan and when is the best time to buy it. Well, it won’t surprise you that we’d suggest right here and right now at Ropers Caravan World. We have over 125 caravans and motorhomes in stock to choose from including 50 used Bailey caravans, as well as a selection of Swift, Elddis, Lunar, Coachman, Compass, Hobby, and Sterling caravans, plus a selection of quality used motorhomes. On that basis, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect caravan and with our early bird sale on right now, there’s never been a better time to buy with huge savings available and our 1-2-3 offer where you can choose from:

  1. A free Powrtouch Freedom motor mover (single axle models only) OR
  2. A free Truma 100watt solar panel OR
  3. A further reduction of £500 off the ticket price

Be prepared to act fast though as these offers and great caravans won’t hang around forever!

With the Powrtouch Caravan Mover… you’ll be amazed where your caravan will fit! Available in single, twin axle and all-wheel drive with manual or automatic roller engagement, the Powrtouch range is designed to make moving your caravan a breeze as it allows you to move it to precisely where you want it to be. Lightweight and contemporary in design, you’ll have the ability to change direction without stopping and to engage/disengage both rollers from one side. Designed and built in the UK for over 25 years, these are an absolute must for all caravaners.

Truma Solar Panels – Your independent, intelligent power supply, supplying power to your caravan or motorhome wherever you are! These kits generate power even when it’s cloudy and are lightweight and durable. So, if you want even more comfort on the move, choose this.